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PEFCPEFC FRANCE certification guarantees that wood material comes from sustainably managed forests according to the rules precisely defined for each region.


CTB Furniture Components

CTBA label that certifies that the products it covers have characteristics consistent with French and European standards and technical specifications which concern them and come from a production that ensures a certain quality according to the provisions defined in a reference document.


NF ameublementStamp assigned by an accredited certification body (FCBA), which validates the safety features, sturdiness, durability and quality of materials and finishes as well as the authenticity of a product.




THE GLOBAL COMPANYAn initiative launched by the United Nations in 2000 to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt a socially responsible attitude by committing to integrate and promote a number of principles relating to human rights, working conditions and the fight against corruption.

The signing of the Global Pact is a voluntary action on the part of the company that is committed to making progress on a yearly basis in one of the four themes of the Pact.

ISO 14001

LRCertification that allows an organization to demonstrate its environmental commitment by attesting the conformity of its policies and processes to the ISO 14001 international standard (waste management, air, water, noise and visual pollution and consumption of energy and raw materials …).

Based on the principle of continuous improvement, certification helps to make continuous progress.